How to Tell if Your House is Haunted

Hello parapeeps! Our next adventure is when we help you determine if your house is haunted. Here’s a fairly simple test: If your house looks like this:

Why do all haunted houses look like this?

Why do all haunted houses look like this?

Then your house is probably haunted. Good luck and if you decide to move, you’ll need a very understanding realtor. Ok, maybe kidding a little. Honestly, this image does help to reflect a certain stereotype when it comes to haunted locations. The word “haunted” evokes dark, gloomy, and imposing structures with gothic architecture and creepy darkly lit rooms. It doesn’t sound nearly so imposing if I were to talk about ‘The Haunted Gas Station” or “The Haunted Strip Mall”. Yet, a haunting is simply any location where paranormal activity of unexplained origin occurs. I could have a haunted walk-in closet…SPOILER ALERT: my closet is sadly not a paranormal hot spot.

Having said all that, the simple way to determine if you feel your house may be experiencing unexplainable paranormal activity unfolds in two stages. Stage one is when you observe any abnormal and seemingly unexplained activity that seems paranormal. Doors opening on their own, seeing things that shouldn’t be there on the periphery of your vision, or anything else that just seems out of the ordinary.  If you feel such activity is occurring in your house, don’t panic. Try to record any of the unusual activity. Another thing you can do, is to try to establish baselines for the occurrences. Do these things happen mainly at certain times, only to certain people, or specific locations? Write your findings down. This will help you during the second step of the process.

Now we come to Stage Two. This is where you actively try to debunk any of the paranormal phenomena. If doors or cabinet drawers are opening on their own, you can try to determine if the area is free of drafts, humidity, and any other structural issues that might cause them to open on their own. Hearing strange noises at night? Make sure your house isn’t settling or that your heating or cooling system is not the culprit. Continue trying to actively explain any paranormal activity by logical means. Once you have done this, if you still have occurrences that cannot be rationally explained away, you can operate under the premise that your house may be haunted.

This is where a paranormal investigation team comes in. They can come into your house and set up various types of equipment such as video surveillance, K2 meters, voice recorders, spirit boxes and so forth. An experienced team will try to engage any entities through established procedures and record their efforts. Then comes the video and audio review to see if any evidence was gathered.

So even if you don’t live in a Victorian estate beside an abandoned graveyard, it’s still very possible that your house could be haunted. If you want more information or have questions, Riverbend Paranormal is always available to help anyone who feels they may be experiencing a brush with the paranormal. Also, I can send you guys some sweet pictures of my non-haunted walk-in closet.


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